13-Year-Old Gets Plastic Surgery To Avoid Being Teased At School

There are a lot of things we would do for our hypothetical children to stop them from hypothetically having a bad educational experience, but we don’t know yet if rhinoplasty is hypothetically one of those things. But one New York couple decided it was the best way to prevent their teenage daughter from being teased and bullied at school.

Last night, ABC’s Nightline featured Nicolette Taylor, a 13-year-old Long Island girl faced with self-image corrupting levels of teasing at school. Taylor’s mother Maria described her as an active girl who was always outgoing. She even modeled as a child. But after breaking her nose twice, she developed what she called “crooked bump” that made her the target of taunting in person — and online.

“They went on Facebook, and they started posting, ‘Hey big nose,'” said Maria Taylor, Nicolette’s mother, in an interview with “Nightline” correspondent JuJu Chang. “It happened probably about five times that week. … I came in when she was on the phone with the boy, and I took the phone from her, and I said, ‘Listen, you need to take them off Facebook.’ I was crazy, crazy.”

Crazy enough that she called a local plastic surgeon for a consultation and, when she found out that bullying is “quite frequently” a factor in the decision to have a procedure done, signed Nicolette up to have her nose straightened out.

While child psychologists caution that being physically and emotionally mature enough for a procedure like this is important, Nicolette’s result overwhelmed both her and her family with joy.

Since her surgery, Nicolette has started school and has even made the cheerleading team. She said she knew bullying might happen again, but now that she felt better about her appearance, she didn’t care.

What do you think. Is the confidence to stand up for yourself worth a drastic elective surgery?

[ABC News via The Huffington Post]

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