9 Beauty Secrets We Learned From Lorde’s Vampire Chic Routine


So what if you weren’t able to brag to the internet about attending Lorde’s intimate MAC Cosmetics concert last night. She recently gave you something more intimate in her interview with Style.com: her beauty routine. There’s a reason the vamp chic teenager’s vocally anti-Photoshop “corrections” and she posted a selfie of her wearing pimple cream to bed. It’s because she keeps it real. She also knows how to pull off restrained drama with makeup. From her hair, which she says can be a handful sometimes to the reason she doesn’t do a smoky eye, here are the nine illuminating things we learned about achieving Lorde levels of beauty.

1. Don’t overlook the dollar store:
She used to stick “black circular stickers” she purchased at the dollar store on the corners of her eyes. It started with a dress-up party, but she came to believe they should be a part of her everyday school look.

2. Matte is overrated. Purple isn’t:
Before settling on the shade of Pure Heroine, Lorde says she went through all of MAC’s dark purples. The shade she settled on was based on the Heroine color, but slightly darker. In total, she created five different shades with five different finishes. It was important to her that it was foolproof with a light finish for teenage girls because hello, they don’t have makeup artists. She’s anti-matte even though it lasts forever, because it dries you out.

3. You can avoid the fruit punch look with dark lips:
She uses lip liner to line underneath her lip color and is always aware of the sides whenever she has to move her mouth. “That’s where it moves,” she told Style.com.

4. How to perfectly apply liquid liner:
“A good rule of thumb is to make it thin until you get a quarter of the way into your lid, and then [turn the pen] and go parallel to your crease. As long as you keep in line with the crease, you’ll be fine.”

5. Laziness is key to Lorde-like brows:
She hadn’t plucked her brows in three months, but Amber Dreadon MAC senior makeup artist brushes them with a gel.

6. The smoky eye isn’t for everyone:
“I kind of struggle with a smoky eye, and that’s one I haven’t found a way to make cool. I feel quite dirty—it’s not super-wearable.”

7. Her black dipped fingers were inspired by Tumblr… And Michèle Lamy:
They were her original idea. She discovered them online, but she gave credit where credit is due. “I actually stumbled across it on Tumblr and it’s obviously Michèle Lamy’s thing, Rick Owens’ wife, and I didn’t know that at the time.” For the Grammy’s, she applied gel polish along with a stain in regular nail polish so she could take it off with nail polish remover.

8. It’s bad not to use sunscreen:
She uses tinted moisterizer with some SPF. “I never use sunscreen, which is really bad. I’ve always been pale.”

9. Long hair is worth the hassle:
“It gets really matted if I don’t wash it for a while. It gets these big knots, which can be a handful to deal with.” Her favorite product for curly hair is Potion 9 by Sebastian. “You just scrunch it in when your hair is wet, and then I just leave it.”

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