57% Of Women Would Trade In Their Boyfriends For A Face Of Makeup

We’ve always known the price of beauty was high, but learning how much we makeup junkies could be spending on powder and blush leaves us flushed! According to a new study, the average woman drops $164,000 on makeup in her lifetime.

The British study found that women’s makeup drawers, on average, contain 54 different items worth around $833. The average woman’s on-the-go cosmetics bag contains over $200 worth of cosmetics.

Fifty six percent of the study’s participants said shelling out $30 for a designer mascara was no biggie. But maybe they’d take a fatter wallet over fatter lashes if they realized they’re dropping an average of $65 a week on beauty products.

The most disturbing stat of all: 57 percent of women say they would rather dump their boyfriend than go barefaced. This is really sad because we kind of feel like this speaks more to their relationships with guys than it does to their obsessions with makeup.

So are these rattling stats going to change our ways? Hard to imagine — just thinking of designer makeup makes us want to swing by Sephora to check out the latest shipments. But this study is just one of a few unsettling wake-up calls that make us consider cooling it on the powder.

And as much as we love makeup (and trust us, we love makeup), just think of the other unhealthy obsessions you could indulge with $164,000: buy a few cars, take a couple (hundred) vacations, or start your collection of 1,200 pairs of shoes!

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