PHOTO: Ashley Olsen Goes Dark And Dramatic

Ashley Olsen‘s new hair color is lovely, dark and deep. By which we mean totally full of meaning.

The designer/actress/style star/diva debuted her newly darkened locks without fanfare, spotted walking down a New York street with a Fendi crocodile bag, a bright red lipstick and an expression that says Why yes, I do look damn good right now, don’t I?

It’s timed perfectly with the change of seasons, it looks luxurious and mysterious and rich all at the same time. But our favorite part of the new look is how it reflects Olsen’s seriousness and maturity. This hair says, yes, I am a grown woman and I am running a few businesses and may woe betide the person who forgets that. So long as its dark, we certainly won’t, and we hope she’ll keep it dark beyond fall and winter.

But that’s just us. So of course we have to ask:

[Via StyleList and Olsens Anonymous]

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