Name That Scent: Azzaro’s Chrome Summer Smells Like ‘The Club’

Fragrance reviews are silly, but sometimes, fragrance marketing is even sillier. What do “playful pastimes” and “nostalgia” really smell like? So from now on, we’ll be crowdsourcing our own fragrance reviews. Read on to find out what our office thought about the latest sample to land on our desk. This week, we’re testing out Azzaro Chrome Summer for Men.

Fragrance: Azzaro Chrome Summer for Men, $68.

What Azzaro thinks it smells like: “Azzaro Chrome Summer is inspired by the raw ingredients, Cyprus, Cedarwood and Citron, found in the Mediterranean Basin and Loris Azzaro’s childhood memories of growing up in Tunisia surrounded by the blue sky and blue sea. It is a fresh and light fragrance with aquatic, citrus and woody notes, perfect for the warm summer months!”

What we think it smells like:

  • “It literally smells like Gilette deodorant — but obviously a fancier version of it.”
  • “It’s like Florida, but not like Miami or like Spring Breakers. More like a Mom on a trip to Florida.”
  • “Like a bathroom at a mid-level Marriot in Florida. Or A Disneyland bathroom.”
  • “I think it just smells like cologne.”
  • “Like the club in my mouth.”
  • “Bathroom products. More like something you use to clean a toilet — in an alcoholic way.”
  • “Smells like the perfume area at Bloomingdale’s.”
  • “Nursery, baby powder, pastels — like a rich person’s nursery. Actually, like a governess.”
  • “Overwhelming, like I just opened an orange. Very citrus-heavy.”
  • “It’s not natural enough to smell like an orange. Imitation citrus.”
  • “It’s got a slight tinge of Vicks VapoRub. I feel very opened in a non-sexy way.”
  • “Old lotion.”

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The Reluctant Groomer Episode 3: Cologne

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