We’re Irrationally Excited About Beau Nelson’s Masquerade-Ball Makeup

What bracket?

What bracket?

Here’s the sitch: Something pertaining to college basketball, falling dominoes, and Warren Buffett seems to be the only thing happening this weekend, but we’ve already filled our sports story quota for the next seven decades. So what do we do? Write about masquerade-ball makeup, duh.

MUA to the stars Beau Nelson posted this adorable Instagram video Saturday, and it saved us from having to compare Otto the Orange to a Fendi Monster charm. (Wait a minute …) In the clip, Kristin Stewart’s preferred face-painter very considerately (1) turns so we can see his mask from all angles, (2) swivels so all the shiny discs catch the light, and (3) concludes with a cheeky eyebrow raise.

Whipping this up for your next masked ball shouldn’t be too difficult — some eyelash glue, tweezers, rhinestones and sequins in various sizes, and the will to not scratch your cornea, and voilà, right?

In case you’re not so gung ho about applying gems to your eye area, we have included another reference/fortifying GIF below. (It’s from a time before Drew Barrymore became an egg-sandwich connoisseur and Dougray Scott became Arthur Miller.) Bon courage!

Drew Barrymore in Ever After

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