Beauty Beat: The Quick Fix Facial Mask For Busy Girls

It’s impossible to test and review every single beauty product on the market, so that’s why we’re just highlighting the good stuff. You know, those lotions and potions with which we’re currently obsessed, and the beauty counter buys we believe everyone should know about. This week, the luxurious facial mask that will give your skin something to smile about in minutes.

best facial mask for busy girls

Here’s the thing: I’m a busy lady. Sometimes so, that I have to plan which nights I’ll have time to shave my legs (some days I’m not even sure when I’ll have time to shower, mmkay). And as much as I love my facials and toners and creams and under-eye goodies, I’m pretty limited in how much time I have to just play around with the stuff.

But I also WILL NOT STAND for neglecting my beauty needs. So I need to know a.) that whatever I’m using is effective and b.) that it won’t inconvenience my routine. Which is why I’m currently in love with my Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask.

Its ingredients include green coffee and Vitamin E, but what makes it really special is something called Tryacel Technology. This “breakthrough in suspension technology” basically enables the antioxidants in the mask to live up to their maximum potential, delivering the greatest results. What does that mean for you and me? That whenever my skin is looking tired or dull, this magic number lends me the face of rested woman. And the best part: all within 3–5 minutes. Because y’all, I don’t have time for any of these 20-minute masks anymore.

I’m also particular about the way a product feels. This mask is efficacious to the touch and once on the skin, it slowly starts to dissolve. You can feel the tiny bubbles of the mask rising up and popping, which is actually very refreshing.

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Here’s a video of how it works:

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