Beauty Beat: This Weird Gel Basically Banished My Winter Skin Overnight

It’s impossible to test and review every single beauty product on the market, so that’s why we’re just highlighting the good stuff. You know, those lotions and potions with which we’re currently obsessed, and the beauty counter buys we believe everyone should know about. Today’s pick is a gel moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth.

With ingredients like “Dragons Blood” and “Dragon Fruit”, this product sounds more like an elixir from Game of Thrones than Peter Thomas Roth. But, the Laser-Free Regenerator Moisturizing Gel-Cream ($68) certainly does exist in real life, it’s the product’s results that are out of this world.

The texture is somewhere between the density (and color!) of canned cranberry sauce, and the emulsive slipperiness of face primer. I will admit I was dubious when I first opened the jar. I smoothed it on a few days ago when my dreary cold-weather dulled skin was really dragging me down. I was really at my wit’s end with winter, and tested this baby out just in time for spring to finally arrive.

Here’s what I found out. It’s not only the texture that mimics face primer, the product actually creates a magically smooth canvas for makeup application, but – and this is the best part – it kind of makes makeup unnecessary. After my first night of use, I noticed a rosier, healthier glow to my skin and a smoothness that’s, well, the opposite of ‘dragon’. The ingredients include a vitamin B3 boost, Hexapeptide for collagen and elastin (thanks for that smooth, rosy glow) and the dragon stuff. Dragon Fruit improves luminosity and increases radiance, while Dragons Blood (eesh) is a resin from a tree in the Amazon that helps reduce inflammation and accelerate repair. I’m now hooked on this weird and wild elixir, and will never again discount a product that seems a little outlandish.

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