Beauty Beat: The 10-Minute Treatment That’s Healing My Home-Bleached Hair

sachajuan hair repair

I don’t know if blondes have more fun — the closest thing I’ve been to brunette in the last nine years is a horrific shade of red/black that’s unfortunately stamped in my passport – but they definitely spend more money. It’s not just the touch-ups either: It’s all the fancy products you need to buy afterwards to try and stop your hair snapping off at the ends every time you touch it with a hairbrush.

Even so, for the last three or so years I’ve been staunch in my resolution to prioritize professional color services over things like nutrition. Until I bought a bottle of blue toner from the drug store a few weeks ago – a bottle of toner that turned out to be bleach. I only left it in for 20 minutes, but the damage was definitely done. At this point you should imagine orangey roots, brittle ends and lots of swear words.

Luckily I received some products from Sachajuan hair care that were full of better words — ones like “hydrate”, “nourish”, and “frizz-reducing”.

The first product I tried was the Overnight Hair Repair ($60), which was the Choose Your Own Adventure of the set: Wash it out in the morning, or leave it in. Being the adventurous sort of person that takes hair advice from drug store sales clerks, I left it in. And though I’m convinced it did do something for the strength of my hair, it also felt a bit greasy when not washed out the next morning.

I meant to try it again a few days later, but last night I randomly decided to test out the simple Hair Repair ($30) product. This proved to be a total winner. For starters, it had a silky texture that was so easy to comb in, and it kind of frothed up as it was applied, which makes it feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck. The bottle said to leave in for 10 to 15 minutes, so I covered it in a hot towel and sat on my sofa drinking wine for 35 minutes. And I’d say that was time well spent, because after it dried I actually could feel a difference.

My hair felt stronger, but bouncy-strong rather than greasy, weighed-down strong. And in turn that made me feel like a bit less of a doofus for mixing up toner with hydrogen peroxide.

It wasn’t such a life-changing transformation that my hair also felt ready for another DIY job, but that’s probably a good thing.

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