Beauty Beat: The Protective Primer That’s Worth Every Cent Of Its $69 Price Tag

It’s impossible to test and review every single beauty product on the market, so that’s why we’re just highlighting the good stuff. You know, those lotions and potions with which we’re currently obsessed, and the beauty counter buys we believe everyone should know about. This week, the priming photo plasma that’s like BB cream on steroids.

What is photo plasma? Will it improve the quality of my selfies? And why is it $69? These are three things I wanted to find out by trying Perricone MD’s Photo Plasma, which promises ‘photo-protective benefits’ and dewy, soft skin for the same price as a weekly grocery bill for one. Or nine tubes of standard BB cream.

It also promised to shield my pasty, freckled skin from the sun and to act as a makeup primer. In fact the effect of reading all the things this plasma thing fights against had me convinced that I couldn’t leave the house without it plastered all over my face. Did you know ‘harsh winds’ are among 10 age-accelerating natural aggressors? Granted the only ‘harsh winds’ I encounter in New York City are breezes from oncoming subway cars or the ‘arctic chill’ setting on my office’s AC, but I was nonetheless convinced that every time I stepped out the door I was one step closer to resembling Mickey Rourke.

Evidently the only way to slow the terrifying aging process was by using this miracle cream, so I prayed to the gods for a solution emailed a PR company and asked for a free sample.

When I took it home, my first impression was promising. The pot looked very nice on my vanity table, and the product itself is a baby Pepto pink – gentle, yet medicinal. Texture-wise it resembles chocolate mousse, which happens to be one of my favorite desserts. It also meant that my fingers were now nail-deep in something that costs $69 for one ounce instead of two, mousse being about 50% oxygen, but a small amount of this thing spreads really far – a fingernail sized gob should cover your entire face and forehead.

The second notable feature is its crazy-fast absorbing time. I smeared it all over my face, and within about 20 seconds my skin was baby-soft yet grease-free. Good, but not nine times better than my BB cream good. Then I continued my normal makeup routine and this is when things got real. I don’t know why these priming effects weren’t lauded more by the modest folk over in Perricone MD’s labeling department, but made it made my foundation feel like it was part of my skin instead of some pore-blocking thing smeared on top of it. It was 7.15am, and my face had the nice glow it sometimes gets after a half a glass of white wine.

By noon I figured I must have encountered at least half of Perricone’s 10 terrifying and age-accelerating natural aggressors, and my skin still looked pretty much the same as it had five hours ago. After two weeks of use I can’t yet vouch for its anti-aging benefits, but if it runs out on the good side of pay day, I’ll definitely be restocking.

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