Will This Lotion Make Bedbugs Stop Drinking Your Blood?

While we have to admit that it’s mildly entertaining to watch merchandise managers at New York City’s top stores squirm at the thought of a bedbug infestation, we seriously need for it not to happen to us. And if the rumors are true, there’s a lotion that should keep the bugs at bay.

Fashionista reports that one of its friend’s genius chemist friends has recommended Belegenza Timeless Skin Moisturize as a good way to prevent the little demons from biting your skin. If bedbugs are already hiding in your bedding, the lotion won’t do you any good, but should you happen to drop by a store that hasn’t managed to sniff out every single bug and you try on some slacks, you just might walk out with one attached to your skin.

One of our genius friends who works for a government health organization (and who just so happened to be on Gchat when we discovered this article) couldn’t find an ingredient in the lotion that would specifically repel bedbugs, so we can’t say for sure whether or not this lotion will keep the bedbugs from biting. (We refer you to Fashionista for the full list of stuff in this lotion.) At $40 a bottle, though, this stuff has got to be good for something.

[Via Fashionista]

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