The 15 Best Hair and Makeup Looks From Beyoncé’s Visual Album

If there’s one sacred truth in this world, it’s that no two Beyoncé looks are ever the same. When we awoke to what will henceforth be known as 2013’s Christmas come early, we learned that Bey had not only dropped her entire 5th studio album, Beyoncé, but also her first visual album — in other words, 17 music videos — thus meaning 174,0594 epic beauty moments to copy. Forget the fact that we need  a convertible blonde weave, luminous skin, and a superhuman physique to keep up, we’re determined to transform our hair and maquillage à la Queen Bee. From her Angela Chase bob to her Siouxsie Sioux eyeliner, here are 14 ways to indulge your vanities like a Grown Woman.

1. The Frosted Lip
beyonce frosted lip

The saturated pastel pouts that hit the runway at Prabal Gurung‘s Spring 2014 show immediately come to mind with that frost, matte Easter Egg purple pucker.

2. The Teased Ombré Bob
beyonce big bob

For those who were unsure of the ombré trend’s shelf life, rest assured that the Queen has spoken and it’s officially of-the-moment again.

3. The Finger Waves
beyonce finger waves

We’ve always thought of Bey as the modern day Josephine Baker, so it was about time she slathered on the old-fashioned pomade and modernized the Roaring Twenties’ signature coif.

4. The Green Hair and Punk Eyeliner
beyonce heavy eyeliner

Mrs. Carter and Siouxsie Sioux actually have a lot more in common than you might realize. They’re both fierce females who command the stage, not to mention two of the most influential women of their generations. B wears Sioux’s signature eyeliner proud and convinces us that green hair is not always a symptom of excessive chlorine exposure.

5. The Au Naturale
beyonce natural makeup

She doesn’t need a stitch of makeup, and yet understated has never had much appeal to her in the beauty department. More is more is more, which means shimmering nude lips and eyes is about as au naturale as it gets.

6. The Suicide Roll
beyonce suicide roll

If Bey slinked out of suicide doors, while sporting a suicide roll, all would be right in this crazy world.

7. The Wet Hair
beyonce wet hair look

It may not be our take on the wet hair look, but this ‘do might have inspired us to do something we’ve sworn off of since the 7th grade — scrunching.

8. The New Age Cleopatra
beyonce cleopatra

Someone cue up Frank Ocean‘s “Cleopatra,” because going forward we’ll always envision the Egyptian queen werking a hot pink pout.

9. The Angela Chase Bob
beyonce asymetrical bob

We spent some of our most formative years marathon-watching My So Called Life and pining for Jordan Catalano. This bob might be the only thing B and Angela Chase have in common, but we’ve never been so inspired to go for the chop.

10. The PVC Pout
beyonce glossy red lipstick

Caution:  Beyoncé’s lips are slippery when wet. This lacquered look is not for the faint of heart — nor for kissing or the consumption of any solid food — but it is sexy for certain.

11. The Dewy Eyelids
beyonce wet shiny eyeshadow

Much like twerking, glossy lids have always intrigued and scared us at the same time. Thankfully, B is here to prove that a few swipes of a glassy taupe hue will help you achieve that dewey look.

12. The Sunkissed
beyonce hot beauty look

All that glitters is not gold, but even J. R. R. Tolkien himself would agree that B is a 24 Karat goddess.

13. The Side-Part Morticia
beyonce black hair

We never though the day would come where Beyoncé channeled any member of the Addams family, but we’re definitely feeling her raven waterfall of Morticia hair.

14. The Bey Bouffant

beyonce bouffant

She may already have her halo, but the higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

15. The Wavy Bob
beyonce wavy bob

We reeeeeally wanted B’s pixie cut to make an appearance, but we’ll always take solace in her conspiracy-ridden bob.

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