The 9 Most Mind-Blowing Halloween Beauty Tutorials on YouTube

Okay, it’s All Hallows Eve. You don’t yet have a costume. All the ones at Ricky’s are now 30 to 50% off, but you’d rather just pay the full $64.99 + tax than get in a physical altercation with a 16-year-old over the last Sexy Aviator outfit.

But fear not! If you’d rather keep you pants on tomorrow, you can do absolutely mind-warping things using only makeup and your own face. Don’t believe us? Look at the beautifully trippy and straight-up terrifying YouTube tutorials below. Who said face paint had to be disgustingly racist?


1. Trippy ‘Face in a Face’ Halloween Make-Up


2. Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Comic Book / Pop Art
You don’t even need to be exceptionally coordinated to try this pop art beauty look, which uses white dots instead of red to eliminate the risk of “stain”:


3. 3D Stretched Lips / Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This might take a while but it is disgustingly awesome. Instructographic here.


4. Black and White ’40s Glamour Makeup Tutorial
It is completely amazing that this is not filmed in black and white:



5. Blodig Øye (Bloody Eye) Halloween Makeup
It’s more terrifying if you say “blodig øye” instead of “bloody eye”:


6. Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Tutorial
So worth finding whatever ‘liquid latex’ is:


7. Justin Bieber Makeup Transformation by Anastasiya Shpagina
The creepy friend of ‘Human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova has an equally creepy makeup tutorial where she transforms herself into the splitting image of Justin Bieber:


8. Sailor Moon Makeup Transformation by Anastasiya Shpagina
And here she is doing Sailor Moon:


9. Halloween Makeup: Grumpy Cat
So grumpy, so amazing:


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