Product Junkie: How to Repair Damaged Hair

The number of times I’ve burned, fried, singed and/or annihilated my hair is disastrously, embarassingly high. Beauty experts are supposed to know better — but, of course, flatirons, curling irons, and blowdryers (to say nothing of random, calamitous overseas experiences involving wattage converters and electrical outlets) take their toll. Following are products that have saved my hair (and ego) time and again, and which are all beloved by beauty-insiders for their near magical ability to undo almost any level of damage. (Sometimes the catastrophe is Defcon 1, however, and in those cases you have to abort the beauty mission and just chop it off, alas.)

Terax Life Drops, $20: Containing silk amino acids, this conditioner is like liquid platinum — its powers are that rare! It fortifies weak, brittle and broken strands, restoring them to unbelievable levels of strength and health. Because of the proteins, however, it must be used sparingly and infrequently — yes, you can have too much of a good thing.

Skin French Hair Paste, $25: I have been utterly besotted by this thick, goopy, intense mask for years and have turned scores of people onto it. Containing mallow extract and grapeseed (but no water…which is a good thing!), it’s superhydrating, highly effective, and — hey, it shouldn’t matter, but it does! — simply fun and a pleasure to use, coming in a huge tub that begs you to scoop it out by the handful.

Neil George Pure Shot Treatment Spray, $55: From the celebrity haircare rockstars at Beverly Hills’ Neil George salon (the ones responsible for, oh, just about everybody in Hollywood) comes this intensive at-home treatment spray that replicates the amazing conditioning you’ll get in your stylist’s shampoo chair. Designed to be used once a week for 5 weeks, it’ll keep your hair looking fabuloso in between visits to Jean-Luc or Roberto.

V05 Moisturizing Hot Oil Treatment, $3.99: Sure, your grandmother used it, and yeah, it’s available at the drugstore, but this miracle product has garnered acclaim and stood the test of time, quite simply, because it works. In less than the time it takes to boil a cup of tea, you’ll have silky, smooth, rehabilitated hair.

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