WATCH: Beyonce, The World’s Least Articulate Parfumeur

Beyonce is good at a lot of things. One thing she’s not good at, however, is being a parfumeur. Because people who make perfume have to be able to talk about smells and what they smell like, and for some reason Miss Knowles just can’t make that happen.

In the video below, Beyonce sits with her mother, “designer” Tina Knowles, in a nondescript room in Newcastle, England, sniffing little strips of cotton scented with pre-made options for a new fragrance Heat Rush. Her last scent, Heat, was one of the top performing fragrances in the United States after it was introduced, so meetings like this are sort of a big deal.

But you wouldn’t get that from the rather casual way she sniffs and comments on the scents. A French guy at the meeting hands her an option saying, “And then you have something extremely sophisticated, because you have this kind of rose and jasmine effect …” Beyonce cuts him off with, “Lip gloss.” Cogent. Later on, she smells another strip and says, “It’s kind of like … I don’t know. It’s sexy. I like it.” Like. What?

We don’t think Beyonce isn’t smart. In fact we’re quite enamored of her and we’re really impressed by the fact that she’s basically a walking entertainment empire. We’re just not sure how sustainable her empire can be when she’s, like, um, we don’t know, about things as important as a globally marketed fragrance. Maybe for her next fragrance, she should hire this guy.


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