What You Need Now: The Black(ish) Lipstick for Doing Undead Chic

Every season black lipstick makes its return to the inner circles of our beauty radar. Every time this happens we’re a little older, a little wiser, and yet a little more tempted to revert back to our inner angsty teen ways.

Sure, the trend isn’t without its obstacles: People might think you’re taking style tips from Edward Cullen, or interpret your shade of deep red as an affection for 50 Shades of GreyBut it’s not just the living dead who can pull of a ghostly pallor and a deep, dark lip. See: Rooney Mara, Pixie Geldof and self-proclaimed teen goth Lorde (Demonia platforms optional).

There’s something that screams “self-control” about a perfect black lip. You don’t want to mess up your maquillage by indulging in any PDA, blood sucking, eating of non-cute food or drinking of drinks that don’t warrant a straw. Thought goths never consulted an etiquette guide? Ever wondered why even the most vampiresque are mostly vegetarians IRL? You’re far better off nibbling carrot sticks than biting into a slider (or someone else’s skin) when you’re sporting a deep, dark lip.

And we can’t think of a better time to experiment with unconventional lip colors than a snow day, particularly when you might still have some Halloween leftovers that certainly shouldn’t go to waste. See below for the most deathly chic, almost all-black lip colors around right now, interspersed with a little inspiration. Wear with a a ghostly pallor and a blithe attitude to under-eye concealer.

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