Study: Blondes Have More Fun And Make More Money

Do blondes have more fun? It’s an age old question but a study published in Economics Letters surveyed 13,000 women and discovered that British blondes are making more money — which we guess could definitely lead to more fun (and more shoes).

According to The Daily Mail

The study found being blonde is worth an extra £1,600 [about $2,446.88 US] a year to a woman earning the average UK salary of £22,000 [about $33,644.60 US]. The survey also revealed that blondes have wealthier husbands who earn six per cent more than those whose wives have other hair colours.

President of the International Blondes Association — yes, that exists — Olga Uskova shared her thoughts on the results with the Daily Mail:

“Blondes have wealthier husbands because we are more fun and outgoing, and men are more attracted to us. We also do better in the workplace because when we make a mistake we can say, ‘Oh, sorry about that, it’s because I’m blonde’ and get away with it.”

Yeah, um, we’re definitely not satisfied with that answer. It is interesting, however, that the blonde — typically depicted as the ditzy, less competent of the two hair colors — is the one coming out financially on top in the work place.

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