BREAKING: 28% Of Beauty Ads Are Fake

A recent investigation into beauty advertisements has revealed that more than a quarter of them are faked. Actually, it’s more like 44%, but at least 28% had enough of a moral compass to include a disclaimer of some sort. Only about a quarter of ads surveyed appeared to show the effects of the product accurately.

As for product breakdown, The Sun reports:

Mascara adverts were the worst – with 58 per cent admitting the model’s eyelashes were airbrushed to look longer. And 42 per cent showed artificial lashes.

Maybelline was the only firm to print a disclaimer in large type. About 23 per cent of shampoo adverts used models with artificial hair.

Honestly? This just isn’t that surprising. Has anyone really looked at a mascara ad and assumed that their eyelashes would look exactly the same if they just used that product? Not that that makes it OK, but it’s all about what you’re working with. I’ve skimpy eyelashes at the best of times — I can only hope that a particular mascara will help me out, not completely transform me.

And as anyone who has ever bought a beauty product can attest, a lot of this is trial and error. What your best friend swears is the best mascara ever made, might just be a lumpy, clumpy mess when it comes to your peepers.

What do you think? Does it bother you that cosmetics companies use ads to exaggerate their claims?

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