Name That Scent: What Does Bulgari’s New Perfume Smell Like?

Fragrance reviews are silly. Fragrance marketing is even sillier. So from now on, we’ll be crowdsourcing our fragrance reviews. Read on to find out what our office thought about the latest sample to land on our desk.

Fragrance: Bulgari Omnia Coral, $80

What Bulgari thinks it smells like: “Inspired by the shimmering hues of precious red coral, Omnia Coral is a radiant floral-fruity Eau de Toilette of tropical hibiscus and juicy pomegranate, reminiscent of summer, the sun, resplendent nature and far-off oceans.”

What we think it smells like:

  • “Very clean, like it just rained in a rainforest and it’s clearing up and birds are tweeting.”
  • “Like soap in an ethnic store…in a good way.”
  • “Some kind of candy.”
  • “Roses.”
  • “Super girly, trying a little too hard, something somebody younger wears to smell older.”
  • “It smells like a good man.”
  • “Daytime, not a going out scent.”
  • “Fruit salad.”
  • “This is what I imagine senior prom to smell like.”
  • “It smells like how I would imagine Donatella Versace smells like.”
  • “Britney Spears.”
  • “Like my second grade teacher.”
  • “This is actually kind of enjoyable, like a classy day at the beach.”
  • “Country club.”
  • “It smells like summer.”
  • “Melon minty chewing gum, more melon than minty.”
  • “Pledge, or maybe Pine Sol.”
  • “It smells like fresh botanicals — gardenia and sandalwood.”
  • “Expensive-ass watches and jewelry.”
  • “Poison fruit.”

Tune in next week when we review Illuminum White Gardenia Petals, the perfume Kate Middleton wore to her wedding. (AHHHHH!!!)

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