Beauty Beat: The Neon Green Mascara for People Who Don’t Rave

The last time I used colored mascara was over a decade ago. I think it was the same brand that made those eyeshadow palettes that came in CD cases combining glittery shadows (top half of the wheel) with sticky lip glosses (bottom half of the wheel) and that always somehow ended up blending into ten shades of sticky eye gloss.

I digress. Short story is, color mascara is something I would never have thought about wearing on ‘serious occasions’ yet have a semi-nostalgic attraction to, kinda like CDs themselves. So when a bunch of products from Butter London’s brand-new cosmetics range landed on the Styleite desk, I snapped up the ‘Wink‘ mascara in a neon green shade called ‘Jaded Jack’ because… Why not?

I intended to save it for my next rave, which will be never. Luckily I lose all self-control in the face of pretty packaging and couldn’t help but use it the very next morning. I think it was a Tuesday, which is not traditionally a neon green mascara day, so I decided use just one coat. But green mascara is not really a thing you want to go for an ‘au naturale’ look with, for obvious reasons, so three coats later I was ready to go.

Surprisingly, reactions in the office were either non-existent or nonchalantly positive. But then I didn’t notice until around lunchtime that our intern Chelsea, intrepid soul that she is, was wearing and rocking the neon pink version I had wrongly assumed would make one look diseased. Since then I’ve worn my shade three more times, and found that it looks prettier the more coats you cake on – which is a good thing, because thanks to Butter’s excellent taste in packaging, it’s also the green mascara you’ll actually want to carry around in your handbag.

Butter London ‘Wink Mascara’, $20 from Ultra – and available at Henri Bendel from September.

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