PHOTOS: Callista Gingrich Has The Most Disciplined Hair In America

If Mitt Romney has the best hair of any GOP presidential candidate, then Callista Gingrich is wiping the floor with the sloppy tresses of the GOP presidential candidate’s spouses. Then again, the woman’s hair is so neat and perfectly coiffed whenever she’s seen in public that even Anna Wintour‘s famous bob would look unkempt in comparison.

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It’s really amazing, when you look at it. Gingringch’s hair is sculpted to within an inch of its life, so there’s literally never a hair out of place. Some observers have posited that it’s so tightly managed it doesn’t move when the wind hits it, but that’s probably just an exaggeration. Probably.

So how does Gingrich keep her ‘do so salon fresh that it always looks like she just stepped out a 1960s ad for Elnett? We’re not sure. We do know that she’s had her hair done regularly at the Andre Chreky salon in Washington, DC, but other than the motivation to look good on camera, pretty much everything else is speculation. Commentators have no shortage of theories, though — some say her ice-blonde locks are so perfect because she wants to be perceived as perfect (she graduated valedictorian at her high school), others say it looks that way out of deference to her husband’s political ambitions. But as far as we’re concerned, Callista’s motivations don’t really matter. Her hair is awesome, and it’s going to continue to be awesome no matter how Newt fairs in the campaign.

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Check it out for yourself below.

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