Caroline Giuliani Doing Community Service For Stealing A Hairnet

We’re kind of not surprised that Caroline Giuliani only got a slap on the wrist as punishment for stealing over $100 worth of merchandise from the Sephora in Times Square last month. The daughter of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spent about two minutes in front of a judge yesterday before that judge threw out the case and saddled her with a day of community service with the Sanitation Department, just like Naomi Campbell had to do after she threw that phone at her maid.

What we are kind of surprised about is that among the things she tried to Winona Ryder into her possession was a hairnet.

Yes, a hairnet. For reasons which we can only speculate about, the younger Giuliani’s five-fingered haul included one of those things your grade school lunch lady used to keep her locks out of the sloppy joes. We can understand not having $60 to throw away on Dior skin primer, but the economic downturn must have hit the Giuliani clan pretty hard if Caroline couldn’t scrape together $3 for a hair net.

[Ed Note: Of course, if you’d rather not have to get on the wrong side of the law the next time you feel the urge for new expensive beauty products, you can enter to win our giveaway of almost $500 of Guerlain cosmetics.]

Caroline starts her senior year at Harvard tomorrow (smart people do dumb things, too!), and she has to complete her turn at “bucket duty” before she returns to court on Nov. 4.

[The Village Voice via The New York Daily News]
[Image Via The New York Daily News]


Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Arrested For Shoplifting! [Styleite]

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