Name That Scent: What Does Chanel’s New Man Fragrance Smell Like?

Fragrance reviews are silly. Fragrance marketing is even sillier. So from now on, we’ll be crowdsourcing our fragrance reviews. Read on to find out what our office thought about the latest sample to land on our desk.

Fragrance: Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, $62

What Chanel thinks it smells like: “With a composition of exhilarating sensations, the new sporty, edgy, avant-garde scent appeals to risk-takers and adrenaline seekers. Mint kicks things off from the very first note, along with refreshing Sicilian Mandarin rind and Moroccan Cypress. The impression is as icy as the chill that runs down the spine just before taking a leap. Discreet but present, Clary Sage adds a touch of warmth, an almost amber plant-like sensuality.”

What we think it smells like:

  • “Tecate with lime.”
  • “Cognac.”
  • “It smells like a mixture of deodorant and aftershave.”
  • “Laundry.”
  • “Like a dependable person. Like someone you would want to hug.”
  • “You would wear this with a black windbreaker, jeans, and a half-sneakers/half-boots kind of thing.”
  • “I don’t think casual — there’s a more black tie kind of affair going.”
  • “Futuristic motorcycle rider.”
  • “It’s…nice.”
  • “Barber shop-y.”
  • “Vanilla.”
  • “Clean and manly.”
  • “It’s not too overpowering. It’s pretty.”
  • “It’s super strong, and it’s hurting my eyes.”
  • “The men’s department at Macy’s, the part with the really nice shirts.”
  • “Very similar to a discontinued lady fragrance I owned.”
  • “It does not smell girly, which is good for a men’s fragrance.”
  • “Cinnamon and grandma.”
  • “A masculine, clean, fresh-out-of-the shower.”
  • “Like cologne I got in high school from Bed Bath & Beyond.”

Tune in next week when we review Especially Escada, “a luxurious and feminine scent inspired by the spirit of today’s joyful, spontaneous, and glamorous woman who likes to let her emotions run wild”.

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