What It’s Like To Get Your Makeup Done By Chanel’s Celebrity Makeup Artist

Getting my makeup professionally done is one of my favorite luxuries. It’s a luxury in the truest sense, as it is an activity I rarely get the opportunity to indulge in. As such, I jumped at the chance to have Chanel‘s celebrity makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi doll me up.

When I arrived at Chanel, I remembered why I was so enchanted by the company’s New York offices when I interned there years ago. All Chanel everything is one way to describe it. For example, I ate a brownie on a Chanel napkin while Fulvia patted my nose with a Chanel powder puff as she wore the sickest pair of Chanel sneakers. I was even given a Chanel headband to keep my hair out of my face while Fulvia worked her magic. Not to mention, the 16th floor view was stunning, and a wall of windows let in a lovely wash of natural light.

I presented Fulvia with two beauty challenges: a big ol’ pair of glasses and a flight-induced breakout. Ever the professional, she wasn’t the least bit fazed. She counts Diane Kruger, Elizabeth Olsen, and Naomi Watts among her many clients, and it’s not hard to see why. Kind and soft-spoken (and with gorgeous skin), Fulvia is exactly the type of person you want making you up.

The purpose of this appointment was to match me with a foundation, something you too can get done at Chanel counters across the country. After a brief diagnosis, it was decided that my young, combination skin would do best with Vitalumière Aqua, an ultra-light formula that perfects skin and also has SPF.

Truth time: I have an on-again, off-again relationship with foundation. After months of daily foundation use, I was deep in a tinted moisturizer (with SPF! always with SPF!) phase when I met with Fulvia. Thanks to Vitalumière Aqua, it looks like my tinted moisturizers will once again be relegated to the bottom of my makeup bag. Why? The finish is incredibly natural-looking, which is the most important quality a foundation can possess.

After picking out the right shade, Fulvia toned my skin and then applied the foundation with a brush. She used concealer to hide my blemishes and to lighten the circles under my eyes, setting it with loose powder applied with an eye shadow sponge applicator (which means the powder was concentrated to the concealed area…brilliant!). With a small brush, she chose a few shades from a striped blush palette to brighten up my cheeks, explaining that the size of the brush made it easier to be precise. Then some glittery-but-not-gaudy shadow was swiped on my lids, and a heavy dose of mascara was painted on my lashes so my eyes popped behind my glasses. Lastly, Fulvia filled in my entire lip with a red pencil, and topped it off with a coordinating lipstick.

Once my face looked picture perfect, I asked Fulvia to share her best makeup tips with me. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Respect the proportions of your face. Makeup is not about seeing something in a magazine, and then doing it to your face when it really doesn’t suit you. Take into consideration your own personal features.
  • The right moisturizer and the right foundation can provide the perfect canvas for your makeup.
  • Use a light base to keep the skin approachable. It should be something that you want to touch, and the same goes for the lips. Makeup shouldn’t be a barrier between you and someone else. It is something that should be appealing and a pleasure to look at.
  • Mix a white pencil with a concealer to make it thicker, paler, and more durable.
  • Use a smaller brush for blush — this way you can start little by little with the application and make fewer mistakes.
  • If you aim for a small area with a big puff, you will probably end up applying too much powder. Instead, use an eyeshadow applicator with a loose or compact powder. You can put just the right amount on, and you can also stretch the eyelid, which is a trick to make sure the concealer doesn’t look wrinkly.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply your makeup and then rub some of it off, so it doesn’t look too perfect.

Check out photos from my magical makeup-filled afternoon below, and be sure to get in on Chanel’s Love Your Makeup event at makeup counters through the end of July.

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