I’ve Never Paid More Than $20 For A Haircut

For the past 15 years, every single one of my haircuts has cost around $20. And that includes tip.

Actually, that’s a lie. I spent around $150 on a cut and highlights when I was in junior high. A cute guy in my class said it looked like I had poop in my hair. This is probably why I haven’t dyed my hair since. But, moving on.

My personal philosophy when it comes to beauty services is to never pay more than I have to. That’s not to say that I don’t splurge on some fancy treatment every now and then, but I just don’t believe in paying a lot for something like a haircut. I don’t need to sip on champagne while a stylist talks me into getting bangs, or convinces me that my healthy strands would look better with a gloss treatment. I just want to go in, lop off a few inches, and get out.

I also don’t believe in expensive cuts is because my hair is incredibly low maintenance — I’m a wash-and-go type of girl. I think the silliest thing is to get a fancy haircut, go home, and not know how to do it yourself. Why would you pay for such an expensive ‘do and not be able to replicate it? I have naturally wavy hair, so I don’t really style it anyway. I generally leave it alone as it air dries. If it’s a bad hair day, I’ll just pull it into a ponytail or top knot. My tresses also grow pretty quickly, so cheap haircuts are financially responsible, too.

Thankfully hairdressers at Asian-owned hair salons (which have the cheapest prices, by the way) have perfected the typical Asian hairstyle — side-swept bangs with face framing layers, and a blunt cut in the back. I’ve actually had the same look since I was a tween. It’s not trendy at all, but it works for my face shape (apparently there’s a whole science behind it), and my low maintenance beauty routine. There’s also no weird growing out phase or learning-how-to-do-it-yourself period. I cut my hair about a month ago, and no one has mentioned anything about it. Why? Because it is literally the same style I had before, but three inches shorter. I hate having that “freshly cut hair” look.

I had a feeling that I was probably the only one who spent next to nothing on my haircut, so I decided to find out what others spent. Styleite‘s own Julia Rubin spends between $60 and $80 before tip, while The Cut‘s Charlotte Cowles says that since she doesn’t see a hair stylist regularly, she spends “anywhere between $70 and $120″. But I have to give a fist bump to Sarah St. Lifer from Refinery29 who parts with a hard-earned $130 every time she cuts her locks. Her hair looks great, but hey, mine isn’t bad either.

While my hairstyle isn’t the most fashion forward, and my hair isn’t the prettiest (that honor goes to Kate Middleton), I think it looks darn good for $20. I’m interested to hear how much your haircut costs, so start sharing below!

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