Christy Turlington Partners With Avon On A New Fragrance

Christy Turlington is probably best known as the ultra glamorous supermodel who held court over the 90s with Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields and other such glamazons. But her biggest claim to fame these days is working hard to help empower women everywhere, not just the ones who can afford the designer duds she used to help move.

Which is exactly why she says she teamed up with Avon on its new fragrance, Slip Into, which will be available here in the US next year. The scent seeks to evoke the literal and spiritual lift women get from putting on heels. Its ethos (and certainly its ad campaign) asks women to take fleeting moments as opportunities to brighten their spirits, and in a larger sense the Avon Foundation For Women seeks to improve the lives of women everywhere.

When we (and a few friends from Fashionista and Stylelist) got on the phone with Turlington yesterday, we were dying to know more about her partnership with the brand, and how she feels about fragrance in general. As it turns out, Turlington used to have a pretty classic view of how to use scents, but her new attitude gels perfectly with what Slip Into … wants to accomplish.

“I sort of grew up with a more old-fashioned idea that it was for special occasions only,” Turlington said, “but I’ve come to really see that it can be an opportunity. When I do a fragrance, I do it for myself, what feels nice and what smells good to me as opposed to what might be appealing to someone else.”

She’s hoping that that sense of individual worth will be imbued with every bottle of the fragrance that sells.

“I think as a woman as a mom as a busy human being, [the fragrance] certainly touched a chord in me … slipping into that sense of escapism that a fragrance can give you,” she said, adding that this fragrance is “a very easy accessible way to do that for yourself.”

But just because she’s the face of a gigantic beauty brand — or at least she will be, by this time next year — Turlington says she hasn’t lost sight of her philanthropic goals, which mostly focus on improving the reproductive health of women who might not have access to the same kinds of pre-natal care as those in developed countries. And while it might not fit the mission of the Avon Foundation to a t, it’s still something Turlington thinks needs to be improved.

“Women’s status in the world is very important to me. I think the lack of status women have in some countries is the reason why you see such high pregnancy deaths,” she said.

Bottles of the fragrance will be availabe for $28 in October 2011, and we’re guessing that by the time they’re on sale, Turlington will have convinced Avon to donate some of the proceeds to her cause.

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