Summer Hair Removal Advice From Completely Bare’s Cindy Barshop

Summer is almost here, which means we’ll be showing off a lot more skin in the coming months. To get prepped, we hit up Completely Bare‘s Cindy Barshop for advice on waxing, lasering, and everything in between. She’s been in the business for nearly 14 years, so consider this a mini-primer from a total expert.

What areas am I better off waxing and what am I better off lasering?

This really depends on the person. I would recommend laser on any body part that affects your everyday life and makes you feel insecure. I also recommend it to save time on shaving. If you can’t afford laser or don’t feel it’s necessary, waxing is a great option.

How can I prevent ingrown hairs after waxing?

Always go to a place with specialists who are using quality wax and have the necessary qualifications. If ingrowns still occur, apply a product like Completely Bare’s Bikini Bump Blaster.

I have really coarse hair. How many laser treatments would it take to get me fuzz-free?

At least six treatments to get to an 80-percent reduction.

How can I prevent or treat the pain that results from hair removal?

If you really can’t handle the laser after your first appointment, you can take two Tylenols 30 minutes before your appointment.

I have darker skin, and want to get laser done. I’ve been told lasering doesn’t work on darker skin. What are my options?

That is a myth. We have machines that enable us to treat every skin type. The only scenario when we can’t treat darker skin is when it’s dark because the person has been in the sun in the last week. Clients need to wait at least a week from tanning in the sun to be treated. As long as the hair color is darker than the skin type, we are able to treat the area.

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