The 10 Beauty Trends We’re Daring Enough to Try During Fashion Week

What we love most about the Styleite office’s Prince and Broadway perch is not our proximity to Dean & Deluca or being a stone’s throw away from every high street store in existence, it’s actually that we can call Ricky’s NYC a neighbor. As editors, we feel it’s our job to test drive the latest and most trying beauty trends of the season (because if we don’t, who will?) and for anyone’s that’s trolled Ricky’s hair, beauty, and even costume aisles, you know it’s laden with just about everything you could possibly need for achieving attempting a Pat McGrath-inspired look.

It’s inevitable that over the next week our lunch breaks will be spent not on the panini line, but rather filling our shopping baskets up with pigments, crystal studs, shadows, heaps of hair gel, and more from our favorite vanity purveyor. Using the runways and red carpets as our reference, we’ve narrowed down 11 trends that we’ll be test driving as we peacock our way through New York Fashion Week.

Be sure to check back at the end of next week for the results of our cosmetic experiments, or follow along on Twitter and our shiny new Instagram account: @Styleite

1. Wet Hair as seen at Lanvin Fall 2013

wet hair trend

“You can’t get quarter of the way through a September issue without seeing hair oiled, gelled, sweat-drenched or fresh-from-the-showing soaking, and even Mary Kate has been seen with sporting a slicker take on the trend. Wet-look hair also seems like an effective way to roll with dirty locks rather than fighting them.” – Hannah

2. Red Eyeshadow as seen at Gucci Fall 2013

red eye shadow

“Men have a certain love affair with red, but it likely doesn’t extend to a scarlet smoky eye. But seeing as I don’t care, and would trust Frida Giannini with my life, I plan on taking this alternative, vampy look out on the town” – Lauren

3. Pigment Hair as seen on Chloe Nørgaard

fashion week color hair

“I’ve long been terrified by pigments, but am more curious about playing around with them after seeing Scosha jewelry’s Rainbow Brite campaign and a feature on The Gloss. Being covered in clothes-ruining, neon powder is probably also a good way to prevent being jostled in crowds.” – Hannah

4. Raver Buns as seen on Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus bun hair

“Saying the ‘90s is back is like saying Instagram has some selfies. Fashion is currently one big #TBT to ’95, and while I’m quite keen to try multiple Gwen-style mini buns, keeping it to two is probably more feasible time-wise.” – Hannah

5. Glitter Eyelids as seen at Chanel Fall 2013

glitter eyelids
“I’m all for a bright eyeshadow, especially one that’s Studio 54 shimmery, but I’ve never gone to the extreme of gluing crystal studs on to my eyelids. I love how tastefully they were applied for Chanel and plan to follow suit as an ode to Karl.” – Lauren

6. Grills as seen on Madonna

grill fashion trend

“I’m only trying this one if I can find a dainty grill like the one Rihanna wore to the VMAs. Hold the Miley, Madonna and Katy Perry comparisons.”

7. Wine Color Lips as seen at Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013

wine color lips

“Most often I wear bright red and deep pink rouges, so dark lip lipstick is definitely foreign territory. I’m guessing that my pale complexion might be helpful in taking on this muted hue.” – Lauren

8. Slicked Back Hair as seen at Balmain Fall 2013

slicked back hair

” A close cousin to the wet hair look, this style has been on my beauty back burner for a while now. I have my fingers crossed that this will be my new second-day hair solution.” – Lauren

9. Big Hair as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs Falll 2013

big hair fashion week

“I have a ton of hair, and since it’s most often a royal pain, I like to use it to my advantage when I can. I adore this look, but am definitely terrified of the humidity. Although, depending on how you look at it, it could be an asset.” – Lauren

10. Finger Waves as seen at Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013
chic finger waves

“Despite my infatuation with vintage-inspired hair, I have yet to take on finger waves. This season, it’s on.” – Lauren

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