The 9 Perils of D.I.Y Manicures & Nail Art

vintage nailsAs young twenty-somethings living in New York, we’re very well versed in the art of the D.I.Y. manicure. Yes, Legally Blonde taught us that a nail salon is its own kind of beauty nirvana, where talons are pristine and questionable advice is yours for the taking, but when push comes to shove, we’d rather drop $25+ at one of our hush-hush thrift shops, than shell out for a job we can do ourselves.

Nevertheless, any woman who takes the polish into her own hands on the regular has a handful of horror tales to tell. We’ve had all sorts of nail-related blunders ourselves, from spilling nail polish all over our laptop keyboards to knocking our Acetone-laced polish remover all over grandmother’s antique wooden table.

And then there’s the quality of our homespun manicures. Practice is certainly on your side in the matter, but when you’re in the rough ‘n’ tumble quarters of your home, you’re faced with many unforeseen hindrances . There’s the classic roommate-startles-you-mid-stroke slip, or how about the I’m ravenous-out-of-nowhere sensation where your drying nails  get smudged as you dig in the refrigerator for that leftover homemade kale salad (and by that we mean Chinese takeout).

The bottom line is that we can’t see into the future, be reasonably patient, or have a steady hand of Eva Chen’s caliber, but that’s not going to stop us from dressing our own digits. See the most sinister of at-home mani perils and grumbles, below:

funny nails gif

2. Spilling Nail Polish Remover
nail polish remover spill

3. Knocking Over Nail Polish:

nail polish spill

4. Ugh, Top Coat:
blake lively nails

5. The Drying Process Is Infinite:
ain't nobody got time for that gif

6. Regret:
regret meme

7. #NailArt Attempts are Often Pathetic:
bad nail art

8. One Hand Looks God Awful (Unless You’re Ambidextrous):
ugly nails

9. Chipped Nails

chipped nails

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