Beauty Beat: Go Glam With Our Favorite Animal Print Bronzer

Sometimes we want our makeup to make us look glamourous, and sometimes we want our makeup to be glamourous. Though the end result of makeup application is incredibly satisfying, the application itself brings a different kind of joy. It’s why we love rich textures, fine tools, and creative packaging.

I dig a 99 cent drugstore lipstick as much as the next girl, but I also appreciate a little bit of luxury in my beauty routine. Dolce & Gabbana‘s entire cosmetic range is pretty sumptuous, but if you want to give yourself a luxe mid-summer treat, there is but one option: the Animalier bronzer.

D&G introduced the Animalier cosmetic collection this summer, and its limited edition bronzer sets the tone. If the smooth gold compact case doesn’t get you revved up, the wildly glam leopard print pressed powder will. Yes, leopard print! But don’t be intimidated by the multi-toned bronzer — a quick swirl of a makeup brush blends the formula to give your cheeks a warm and surprisingly natural glow.

Need another opinion? Makeup goddess Pat McGrath collaborated on the collection with Stefano and Domenico, and she has some thoughts: “Interpreting the fashion DNA of the leopard print with the right beauty vibe meant the full-on Dolce & Gabbaana treatment: brazen and really powerful, yet soft and feminine. The bronzer has such an amazing texture — it feels so good — and it creates this fabulous sun-polished glow that is remarkably sensual and that encapsulates what summer means — passion, romance, and shedding all inhibitions.”

Okay, I can’t say it makes me want to shed all inhibitions, but my never-in-the-sun skin looks positively summer-worthy now. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun to put on. Are you convinced yet? The Animalier collection is sold exclusively at Saks, and the bronzer will run you $50.

Product courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana. We promise that even though we got it for free, our opinions are 100% our own. We’d never tell you to buy anything we wouldn’t pay for ourselves. Just consider us your bathroom cabinet guinea pigs.

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