Dove Would Like You To Know That You Have Ugly Armpits

Do you hate your armpits? Do you think they’re just so ugly? Are you ashamed of them? Because you should be. Because they are just that ugly. PSYCH. We think your armpits are totally, totally fine. Dove, however, does not.

The brand has just released a product called “Ultimate Go Sleeveless Nourished Beauty Deodorant” that promises to make your pits pretty via special moisturizers. Moisturized armpits are pretty armpits, we guess? We’re big fans of moisturizing over here at Styleite (and we’re also big fans of Dove deodorant — all three of us use it), but the marketing surrounding the product seems a little offensive.

Apparently the Unilever people (who own Dove) did a little research and found out that “93% of women consider their armpits unattractive.” Here’s the thing: we posit it’s not that 93% of ladies find their personal armpits particularly ugly, they just find armpits in general pretty ugly. This is not surprising as it’s common knowledge that armpits are not the most attractive body part!

Consumer products expert Jonathan Asher hits the nail on the head: “Any marketer has to be careful of appearing to create a problem that doesn’t really exist. You can suffer a backlash if you do that.” Is shaming a woman about her ugly underarms (when everyone’s pits are less than gorgeous because, hello, pits) really a way to drive sales? Are people really that upset about their armpits? Is this a thing? Also, are people walking around in tank tops with their arms raised above their heads? Because even in your most naked of moments, your underarms are generally not in view, right? Are we crazy? Is this real life??

[via WSJ]

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