Name That Scent: What Does Eva Longoria’s New Perfume Smell Like?

Fragrance reviews are silly. Fragrance marketing is even sillier. So from now on, we’ll be crowdsourcing our fragrance reviews. Read on to find out what our office thought about the latest sample to land on our desk.

Fragrance: Eva Longoria EVAmour, $35-58

What Eva Longoria thinks it smells like: “Fittingly named EVAmour, this eau de parfum embodies the world-renowned actress loved by millions. Eva lovingly created this sophisticated, sexy, and seductive fragrance to make a woman feel confident, stylish, and attractive. The luscious, fruity floral musk scent evokes a romantic trail of warmth and seduction.”

What we think it smells like:

  • “A combination of sugar, flowers, and fabric softener.”
  • “Wildflowers.”
  • “Fruit punch.”
  • “Trix.”
  • “It smells like too much of something.”
  • “A flavor of Airheads candy.”
  • “Fruit juice and Smarties.”
  • “Teen Spirit deodorant.”
  • “Honeysuckle but spicier.”
  • “Crackling leaves.”
  • “Sour Dreamsicle.”
  • “A pool, like chlorine.”
  • “Walking into a Victoria’s Secret store.”
  • “Soapy.”
  • “Very citric.”
  • “Like my grandma when she could afford a Broadway show.”
  • “A sophisticated Upper East Side woman.”
  • “An old rich lady’s walk-in closet. I kind of like it.”
  • “Bright, shiny, and teenager-y.”

Tune in next week when we review Lacoste Eau de Lacoste, “a sexy, sporty fragrance that embodies the energy of its namesake color, Rouge”.

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