Tom Brady’s New Helmet & Other Daddy Hair Styles

Spotted this week rocking some serious mangs and a questionable Bieber ’do, we are curious: Tom Brady, what were you thinking?

For Tom Brady: Was it the right idea, wrong delivery?

Yes, comments Martial Vivot, owner of the Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes. “He can carry hair, so it’s a great look for him because he has a strong jaw and a big smile. But the cut is all wrong. The fringe is too round around his face, rather than pushed back in layers, and the sideburns are too tapered, which creates a disconnect with his head.”

The result?

“It looks like he’s wearing a wig…which I’m sure is not the look he was going for.”

So in honor of Father’s Day, if dad comes home with Tom Brady’s hair and starts talking about “hitting the clubs,” stage a quick intervention with tips from these top NYC stylists.

The Laid-back/Chill Dad:

Aveda Master Sylist Pearson Knight chose Jack Johnson—with his mellow eco-vibe—as inspiration.

Jack keeps his hair pretty short, says Pearson Knight, with longer side burns, but “you can add great texture to a style like this by taking a dime-size dab of Aveda Men Pure-formance Grooming Clay, rubbing it into hands, then applying evenly to dry hair.” In addition to its styling capabilities, Grooming Clay contains seaweed and sage extract, which help protect the scalp, and a dadalicious aroma of spearmint, citrus, vetiver, and lavender.

He also recommends Aveda Men Dual Action Aftershave, “even if you’re going with the scruffy look,” like Johnson. It’s not just an aftershave, but also a lightweight daily moisturizer that helps control oil. What else? It’s 97% naturally-derived, mild and dermatologist-tested.

Top off dad’s look, says Pearson Knight, with Aveda Men Pure-Formance Aroma Spray (also organic) and you’re ready to go.

The Eco-Chic Dad:

Vivot looked to Entourage hottie Adrian Grenier for a look that is “all about natural looking waves that don’t look forced.” How to get it, according to Vivot?

Towel dry hair, push it back with a wide tipped comb, and then do a light blow dry leaving a little bit of moisture. Then, use a product that works with the natural wave of the hair, like Phyto Professional Glossing Cream. Apply a thin layer evenly all over your hands and run your fingers through your hair, pushing it back.

“This will give you a natural wave that isn’t too curly or too frizzy,” says Vivot—especially if you’re hitting the red carpet. “It doesn’t leave the hair stiff – rather it can move, but has body and shine, which is very good under the spotlight.”

The Rocker Dad:

Thomas Dunkin, of Sebastian Professional’s Stylist Design Team, thought daddy Gavin Rossdale’s hair was a great example.

“The longer hair that Gavin wears is a great example of a long hair look that’s still modern,” says Dunkin. “His hair still looks like a rock stars’ without being dated—or like a rock star trying to hang onto his youth.”

Dunkin advises that this look is best worn on thicker hair with a slight natural wave. He recommends Sebastian’s Matte Putty to add a cool texture and prevent too much of a “done” look. “Matte Putty stays malleable and is not too heavy, so hair will just have a great textured look rather than looking dirty,” says Dunkin.

“I have also seen his look worn with a suit and tie for a formal event worn slicked back,” he adds. Again: Use Matte Putty, push the hair back away from the face and seal with a spritz of Sebastian Shaper Fierce hairspray.

Go, Dad. We look forward to seeing a more stylish you this summer. Oh—and if your dad is more CVS than Salon, Pantene has recently “reinvented” its line and released four new collections specifically for Fine, Medium/Thick, Curly and Color-Treated hair. Well, we know it’s just shampoo, but apparently Pantene has tapped “research tools from NASA” to develop the line and its new understanding of hair structure.  Dad probably won’t understand the highly scientific nature of hair care as he reaches for it in the shower, but he’ll likely appreciate that you’ve taken his personal hair needs into account.


Nicole Kaldes, whose beauty expertise comes from both sides of the aisle, has been working in the industry for the past eight years — both as an in-house and agency PR for brands such as Aveda, P&G Professional Hair Care, and as a beauty correspondent for WWD in Milan. Prior to her two years living in Milan as a journalist, she began her career as an arts & entertainment editor/reporter for Community Newspaper Company in Boston. She currently lives in Brooklyn, and can often be found trolling independent and vintage shops, writing the blog for online resale boutique Covet Shop, museum-hopping with her husband or drinking beer in the park. Oh, and the beauty products she simply cannot live without are her Mason Pearson hairbrush, L’Occitane Purifying Deodorant, or Aveda Volumizing Tonic (in the cool brown bottle). Follow Nicole hereon Twitter.

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