Why Michelle Obama Needs A Tattoo

Let us just say this: We love Michelle Obama. We can’t get enough of her. In the space of just a few short years, she’s become an enduring icon of American style — and we’ve got the CFDA to back us up on that. Her ladylike, elegant, yet somehow edgy style will more than likely inform what women and girls all over the country will wear in their professional lives for years to come.

But the lady needs a tattoo.

Why? If nothing else, to keep pace with the rest of the world’s new first ladies. Earlier in the week, during the trumped-up fake fight between Carla Bruni and brand-new British first lady Samantha Cameron, we found out that Cameron has a tattoo of a dolphin. Today, Reuters reports that Germany’s new first lady Bettina Wulff has a large tattoo on her right shoulder. At this point, we’re a little surprised Bruni hasn’t announced that she’s got one tucked away underneath all that Dior, too.

And while most of the world has been taught to distrust people who have tattoos, to dismiss them as somehow less-than or on the fringe, we happen to think tattoos signal that you have a damn good idea of who you are. After all, who’s going to make a lifelong commitment to having a calla lily inked on their triceps if they’re not sure they love calla lilies?

In Germany, Mrs. Wulff has been heralded as the “German Michelle Obama,” which is pretty significant — it says loudly and clearly that Obama is still the trendsetter (after all, people could be calling her the “German Carla Bruni”). But with new international competitors for the title of ‘most stylish first lady in the world’ popping up with every European election, it’s becoming more and more apparent that other countries aren’t satisfied to watch Michelle be glorious and glamorous alone anymore. They want their first ladies to be just as modern and chic as she is.

So we do not suggest that Mrs. O has any catching up to do. She is an international fashion phenomenon in her own right — as evidenced by photos of her standing next to other G20 spouses in Canada all week. But a tattoo would certainly add another layer of confidence, of mystique and of street cred to an already beautiful and influential personality.

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