Flower Power: 5 Ways to Up Your Flower Game This Spring

Other than the long-anticipated return of open-toed shoes, flowers are just about the best part of spring. They’re unequivocally beautiful, they signal that warm weather is on its way, and of course, they smell really good. That’s why when spring comes, especially after a ridiculously long winter like the one most people in the U.S. just had, we celebrate by pulling our floral sundresses from the depths of our closet.

But wearing flowers on a dress it’s not a very creative way to celebrate spring. If anything, it’s cliche. And while we don’t recommend you avoid this certain cliche, we do think you’ll be a lot more original if you supplement your sundress flowers and embrace flower power in more aspects of your life.

1. Put flowers on your face.
Many flowers have the amazing ability to make you more beautiful, and this Rose Face Mask from Fresh is the best smelling thing you’ll ever put on your face. It also tones and softens your skin, which is nice.

2. Eat flowers.
Sure, Shailene Woodley probably eats flowers off the forest floor, but you don’t need to do that. Instead, the internet has helpful tips on how to include flowers in your diet. And there’s this amazing recipe from Joy the Baker.

3. Drink flowers.
Elderflower liqueurs like St. Germain are tasty and can be mixed into a lot of different.  There’s also this fancy violet lemonade recipe which might be the best shade of purple ever.

4. Wear flowers in unexpected places.
We’ll let you figure out how to get creative on your own, but we will leave you with this image.

5. Learn about flowers.
Richard Feynman would argue that you can’t fully appreciate the beauty of a flower until you know about it, as this awesome video illustrates. So brush up on your botany, and you’ll enjoy spring on a whole other level.

Richard Feynman – Ode To A Flower from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

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