Fruit Lips take Beyonce’s Love of Watermelon to a Whole New Level

Perfect for parties where you don't actually plan on consuming anything.

ModCloth’s fruit-tastic lookbook has dropped and for reasons unknown, they’ve been painting, (watermelon.)

Juicy pink covers the lips all over, the green rind goes on half the bottom lip while the upper lip gets dotted with suspiciously perfect black seeds. Modcloth’s supplied four visual steps that definitely don’t make this look like a replacement for your Lady Danger.

There’s more. Watermelon eyes too. Modcloth acknowledges this isn’t an everyday look, but they just want you to loosen up and have fun with your face. Why buy more more dusty pink, or orange shades for summer when you can mark the world with am imprint of a summer fruit? Just resist the temptation to kiss yourself in the mirror Cara Delevingne-style. Smudging your effort away would be a petty crime.



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