Georgia May Jagger And Mom Talk Beauty, Everyone Listen

At a wise 21-years-old, Georgia May Jagger does not cease to amaze us with her fashion wherewithal, overall beauty, and the head about her shoulders. As the daughter of Mick and Jerry Hall–surely having witnessed the glamour of rock and fashion at a young age–she has every reason have pummeled her way into Lohan-esque territory, to teeter on the dark edges of youthful celebrity disaster. And yet, she’s still carrying herself with the grace and ease of a fashionista far beyond her years.

The mother-daughter duo spoke with Into The Gloss about beauty and we’re absolutely, 100% taking notes.

Georgia May Jagger: I like Tracie Martyn face products; I prefer more minimal skincare…For makeup, I have a much more glamorous approach, which I got from my mother. They say less is more, but sometimes I’m a bit more-is-more. And that came from my mom.

Jerry Hall: I like false eyelashes and red lipstick.

Georgia: I like minimal makeup, too, but I think red lipstick and big hair is a good way to go. In our family, that’s always going to be there. [Laughs] I’m learning more and more how to do my own makeup—I pick up a lot on shoots. My mom’s incredible, though—she always does her own makeup. Back when she was modeling, they always used to have to do their own hair and makeup. That was part of the deal.

Georgia: …I have to exfoliate my lips before I put on red lipstick because otherwise it will get into the corners and stuff. I make my own scrub with lip balm and raw sugar.

Jerry: Good idea!

Georgia: That’s one of my homemade, natural beauty tips. I switch my lip balm around all the time—I’m always buying different organic ones at Whole Foods. I also really like Live Live in the East Village [in New York]—I’m really into all of their creams there, and they make a great deodorant.

Jerry: My routine is easy: I use the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes and I wash my face with the Sisley Foaming Cleanser. And then I use a flannel, get it warm and steam it up, and try to clean my skin really good. Then I put on really expensive cream, like La Prairie. It just transforms your skin. I like expensive beauty products: Crème de la Mer, La Prairie Concentre, and the Skin Caviar cream. I definitely believe in using the spoon that comes with the cream, because you don’t get your germs inside the pot! It’s all scientific.

Georgia: I heard you’re also supposed to keep your cream in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Jerry: I never keep it ‘round long enough to do that.

Georgia: She doesn’t do plastic surgery or chemical peels or things like that, so she can splurge on expensive creams.

But of course all her influence hasn’t come from her gorgeous mother. Watch Georgia talk about how Mick inspired her style as well.

Georgia May Jagger Describes How Dad Mick Inspires Her Style

[Into The Gloss]

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