Glee Now Has A Nail Polish Line For Sephora By OPI

We here at Styleite are nail polish addicts. Rarely will you see us without some sort of bright and/or bold color on our tips. But even we’re getting a little tired of the branded polish thing (Katy Perry’s Black Shatter color notwithstanding.) And now Glee (yes, Glee) is getting in on the action, releasing a limited edition nail polish collection for Sephora by OPI next month.

But why? And also how? As in why would anyone be compelled to buy Glee nail polish at $9.50 a pop? And how are there possibly more colors out there to be released? There have to be some duplicate shades somewhere out there, right? According to WWD, the colors include “Slushied, an opaque blue; Hell to the No, a bold purple; Gleek Out, a lime, glittery green; Diva-in-Training, a poppy pink; Who Let the Dorks Out, a peacock green; Miss Bossy Pants, a rich raspberry, and Mash-Up, a pearlescent green gray.”

Okay, the Slushied shade is pretty clever, but still. Additionally, three other colors (“Celibacy Club, a glimmering, diamond top coat; Express Yourself to Yourself, a coral shimmer shade, and Sue Vs Shue, a navy blue”) will be available in a mini sampler kit. Nail appliques are also part of the collection. And in the Glee brand’s future? Fragrance and makeup, obviously.

Michael McGeever, senior vice president of Sephora Originals explains: “There is a transformation through self-expression with both Glee and this nail collection. We felt that a great opportunity existed to have a rich dialogue with the characters of Glee and with our consumers, and Fox agreed.”

Honestly, it’s probably all about the Benjamins (just like it is for Katy Perry and Justin Bieber). The Glee nail polish collection is projected to bring in $1.5 million in sales.


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