$50,000: The Cost Of A Lifetime Of Good Hair

You have your go-to shampoo and conditioners, combs and brushes. Then comes the hair dryer, the curling iron, the straightening iron, the hair spray, the leave-in conditioner, the hair serum… and that’s not including any coloring products.

It’s no mystery that the cost of beauty adds up. Especially when it comes to hair, which, like it or not, can’t be covered up like a pimple with a dab of concealer. In fact, women are so sensitive about their hair that a study conducted by hair powerhouse Pantene found that 54% of women have bigger issues with their locks than with their boyfriends.

And then comes the economics of hair. StyleList tells us that a British study done by Tresemme found that, in a lifetime, the average woman spends up to $50,000 on her hair.

To break it down:

Each year, we spend an average of $160 on shampoos and conditioners, $120 for styling products and $520 for haircuts. And for those of us who color our locks, add in another $330 a year.

And that’s assuming you’re not buying that fancy Kérastase stuff that your hair dresser convinced you was worth every penny.

The study explains how women defend the amount of money they typically spend on their hair:

Most women consider it an investment, and cite the fact that there is a much wider array of products – and products of much better quality – than were available a decade ago. In fact, some women compare the attitudes today towards hair with the way previous generations looked at hair and see a favorable trend. Women of earlier generations didn’t know as much about their hair and how the way they styled it could affect it. For some, it was even a matter of doing what they were used to, until it was necessary to “cut it all off and start over”.

[via Stylist]

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