Hairstylist To Be Fined For Leaving Racist Voicemail With Client

Imagine that in the middle of your wedding preparations, you have a family emergency that robs you of the opportunity to get a consultation from a self-professed hairstylist to the stars. Now imagine that after your emergency dies down a little, you go to apologize to the stylist only to find that she’s left you an incendiary and unapologetically racist voicemail demanding to know why you didn’t show up in the first place.

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That’s what happened to Tifany McIntosh, who in 2009 made an appointment with New York-based stylist Maria Vance. Vance had been featured on an episode of My Fair Wedding and claimed Ashley Judd and Sarah Jessica Parker were on her client roster. (The New York Times says Parker has denied this.)

In the voice mail, Vance accuses McIntosh of being inconsiderate and not showing up to her appointment solely because she is Black, not considering that she might have had something else to deal with. McIntosh tried to call back to apologize and explain her circumstances to Vance, who told her unceremoniously, “I do not want to talk with you, I don’t do business with niggers,” and hung up.

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Yeah. Well, if that’s what she said directly to McIntosh, you can only imagine how bad the voicemail must have been. The text below comes from the New York City Commission on Human Rights‘s file on the incident:

Hello Tifany, this is Marina Vance. We had an appointment today at 11:30 – why you didn’t show up, or why you didn’t call, alright? Ah, this is very common with the – – I’m sure you’re a fucking nigger, ah, who doesn’t care for anybody’s time, alright? I wish, you know what, please, that you don’t show up for your appointment, ah, which is coming. Tifany with an “F,” a fucking nigger, next time, or or a fucking Dominican bitch. Okay? Where the fuck is you that you thought you (inaudible) gonna kiss the fucking sweat off your ass. Good bye

The Times says the Human Rights Commission, which McIntosh informed of Vance’s nasty voicemail, suggested earlier this year that “Vance pay $15,000 to the city and $7,500 to Ms. McIntosh over the comments. The commission has yet to make a final decision in the case.” Vance, of course, has denied she ever left a voicemail for McIntosh and said she would appeal if the Commission orders her to pay up.

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But we hope in the end she’ll have to pay up, and we’d like to add an addendum to those payments: that Vance never be allowed to touch another strand of human hair other than her own ever again.

[Jezebel via The New York Times]

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