What It’s Really Like Eating Breakfast With A Model

Like most fashion-obsessed people, we’re also obsessed with models. So when we got an invite to have breakfast with Utah stunner Hannah Holman in honor of Marc Jacobs‘ new fragrance Daisy Eau So Fresh (of which she’s the face, natch), we couldn’t turn it down.

Breakfast was thoughtfully arranged for 8:30AM at Ed’s Chowder House, which is more or less directly across from Lincoln Center. (We, however, not-so-thoughtfully arrived almost thirty minutes late after one of our French Bulldogs took a solo ride in our building’s elevator. It took about 10 minutes and a lot of stairs before we found him wandering happily around the fourth floor. Anyway!) We arrived to platters of bagels, croissants, pastries, bowls of yogurt and fruit, and freshly made smoothies — which is to say: it was a delightful spread for a week during which we survived mainly on coffee and by carbo-loading at 10 at night.

Holman was as friendly as she is beautiful in a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress she paired with a personally deconstructed Elise Overland leather jacket — and more than willing to answer plenty of our questions. She offered some handy product recommendations, beauty tips, and revealed she’s got big plans for a jewelry line with Katie Hillier. As for the fragrance, Daisy Eau So Fresh is a light, powdery and citrus-y scent that we’re already in love with — and it’s a fitting campaign for Holman, whose first fragrance was Daisy. Perfect.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without?
My phone. No, but beauty-wise, Dermalogica has this cream called Barrier Repair and it’s amazing, especially when you’re flying. It feels like it puts this layer on your skin, and I actually always take that everywhere. That and Paw Paw lip ointment is awesome. I take both of those everywhere. The lip ointment is also good if you have dry skin, hormones and things, you get dry skin on your chin and you can put the Paw Paw on that too. And it’s good for your hair. If you have frizzies or something, just put a little bit in your hands [and then rub your hair.]

We know that you’ve already started to DJ, what other projects are you working on, what’s the next move for you?
I’m actually starting to design jewelry, which I’m really excited about. I’ve always been a fan of jewelry and my brother makes jewelry… and I’ve always been really into it. And I was talking to Katie Hillier, who does the jewelry for Marc by Marc, and she actually has her own line and she designed an earring for me. I was like, “Do you have one like this?” and she said, “No, but I’ll make it!” and made an earring. And I was talking to her this season and saying I wanted to make jewelry and she said to just do it… and so, at the end of the season she wants me to design [a line], so it will be for Katie Hillier and start from there. I’m still young, I still have time luckily. And hopefully once I’m done modeling, I’ll have my own jewelry line. I have some ideas, but I keep forgetting, there’s so much going on, she tells me to take a sketch book around, I need to start.

What are some of the best hair and makeup tips you’ve picked up along the way?
This one is actually a bit creepy — hemorrhoid cream for your eyes. But you can actually only buy it in Europe, because in America they’ve taken out the agent that takes down puffiness, or it has less alcohol, or something. It’s different in America, so buy that in Europe. With your hair, I don’t do anything with my hair. I wash it and condition it and once in a while I’ll do a mask during fashion week or something. But I don’t blow dry it or anything, and hairdressers always say, “Oh, your hair’s so good for being bleached, what do you do?” which, it’s not anymore, but I just say I don’t do anything, that’s the best way. My roommate always complains about her hair but she blowdrys it everyday. So I think the less you do, it keeps it healthier. I’ve learned little tricks, curls, but I don’t really do them. With makeup, this is one thing I do now. I was quite young when I started so I didn’t, but patting the base in and the concealer, instead of rubbing it. Not picking. I love to do that, so not picking. And mascara, start at the root. It’s things that everyone in fashion knows, but to me, I didn’t.

The ad:

You can buy Daisy Eau So Fresh at Bloomingdale’s.

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