Are Actors Using Human Growth Hormone To Stay Youthful?

How do celebrities stay looking so young? Human Growth Hormone, apparently.

The March issue of Vanity Fair investigates the secretive and apparently wide-spread use of HGH by those in the entertainment industry. One producer called HGH injections as common Botox and Viagra, while a filmmaker explained why he uses the drug:

“I am one of the pathetically insecure Hollywood people who, like everyone else who lives here, is overly concerned with looks. My internal organs got healthier quickly. And I could feel it—the main impact of HGH…is really useful, I found. It very much imbues you with a sense of clarity and confidence.”

The only source who is identified by name in the piece is former model Alana Stewart, who started using HGH when she noticed a few gray hairs. So, why doesn’t everyone use HGH? For one, it’s not FDA-approved for cosmetic purposes. HGH therapy is prescribed mainly to children and adults with growth disorders and hormone deficiencies, and it can cost $10,000 a year.

Most major sports leagues have banned the use of HGH since the early 2000s, after decades of abuse by athletes. We can’t imagine the entertainment industry would ever test actors for the drug, but wouldn’t that be interesting?


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