Is 90210‘s Ian Ziering Involved In An Anti-Aging Ponzi Scheme?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Ian Ziering used to be one of the stars of the best show in the history of the world, Beverly Hills, 90210. As the vaguely-irritating-but-ultimately-lovable Steve Sanders, Ziering rocked a Brillo mullet and drove a Corvette. Now he’s hocking anti-aging products in New Jersey. We wish we were kidding.

A reporter from the Morristown Green attended a 90-minute presentation Ziering gave at Suzi’s Salon & Spa, but couldn’t say which company he was representing: “Ian’s ground rules for the interview asked us not to identify the publicly traded company that markets the gadget, gels and cleansers because he said that would undermine other area sales reps.” Right. That’s not suspect at all.

Apparently Ziering grew up in the area and “has teamed with a childhood friend, [redacted] of Green Brook, to recruit people to sell cosmetic products through salons like Suzi’s.” So what’s his pitch exactly?

During a 90-minute presentation at Suzi’s for salon employees and local businesswomen, Ian said it was possible, with an initial product investment of $300 to $1,200, to earn millions by building a huge sales force.

He showed slides of “heat maps” of “youth gene clusters” and suggested that this line of skin treatments– ingredients include mushrooms and pomegranates, he said–can promote better sleep and higher energy while restoring mental acuity and flagging libido.

“When I look good, I feel good, which translates to confidence,” Ian told the small gathering. “If I can create greater skin quality, and make people feel better about themselves, I feel good about that.”

Honestly, this kind of sounds like a scam. (For what it’s worth, Videogum called it a Ponzi scheme.) And what about the acting, Ian?

“This is in addition to acting,” Ian, 46, was quick to point out. “I found this to be a great way to leverage my success to help other people. As an actor, you know that every act has a closing curtain. I’m always looking for additional revenue streams. This represents the cutting edge in (anti-aging) research.”

Later in the article we learn that Ziering takes acting lessons to “stay sharp.” This is all so very sad.

[Morristown Green via Videogum]

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