Name That Scent: What Does Kate’s Wedding Perfume Smell Like?

Fragrance reviews are silly. Fragrance marketing is even sillier. So from now on, we’ll be crowdsourcing our fragrance reviews. Read on to find out what our office thought about the latest sample to land on our desk.

Fragrance: Illuminum White Gardenia Petals (otherwise known as KATE MIDDLETON’S WEDDING SCENT), $155

What Illuminum thinks it smells like: “As fragrant as a vase of white flowers, quivering in the breeze by an open window, this is a delicate and refined perfume. The top note of lily evokes a tropical seaside location, whilst the heart notes of white gardenia, muguet and jasmine breeze bring a trio of white flowers into play. Amber wood underscores this light and capricious bouquet.”

What we think it smells like:

  • “Lots of flowers and sugar, like if you covered a bouquet in sugar.”
  • “Being in my backyard during the spring.”
  • “This smells like an extraordinarily clean public restroom, perhaps at an airport.”
  • “Very cologne-y.”
  • “Fresh laundry.”
  • “Fabric softener.”
  • “Decorative soap.”
  • “Like one of those things with the oil and the sticks coming out of it.”
  • “It smells like my Jewish mother.”
  • “It reminds me a lot of my grandma’s perfume.”
  • “Like the home of relatives you don’t know very well.”
  • “Sweet, powdery, clean.”
  • “Violet water.”
  • “Like really cheap jasmine.”
  • “A sophisticated older lady.”
  • “Suntan lotion.”

Want to win a bottle of White Gardenia Petals? Tweet your ideal wedding smell (Cake! Flowers! Gasoline! Whatever!) to @Styleite. Also, tune in next week when we review Serge Normant Avah, which “encompasses alluring and exquisite notes of ylang ylang, jasmine, amber, soft woods, and musks to create a sensual fragrance experience”.

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