This Nail Polish Changes Color With Your Mood Temperature

Remember mood rings? As kids, we thought they had some sort of magical mind-reading powers (“You’re sad so I’m turning blue!”). As adults, we realize that the change in the rings’ color actually indicated a change in temperature. False advertising! But whatever! Still kind of awesome! Even more awesome? Nail polish that changes with your mood temperature!

The girls over at Glamour got their well-manicured hands on a bottle of In the Mood color changing nail polish, which changes color at 91 degrees. While your body temperature is 98.6 degrees, your fingertips are actually a bit cooler. (We seriously learn something new every day.) Extreme weather and running your hands under hot or cold water will cause the polish to stay on either end of the color spectrum, but normal temps and activities lead to an ombre-like French mani appearance. This is because your nail beds are warmer than the tips, which is reason enough for us to grow out our super short nails that don’t even reach the end of our fingers.

Bottles of In the Mood retail for $8 and come in nine two-toned shades. (We really want the blue one!) Skeptical? Check out the video below:

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