Addicted To Beauty: Iran Tops International Nose Job Rates

People will do a lot of crazy things for beauty, and in Iran, women on average are paying four to eight times their monthly salary for cosmetic surgery, and getting seven times as many nose jobs per capita than we are in the States.

The Guardian writes that there is an increasing number of cosmetic surgeries among girls as young as 14, women, and men alike, all in the hopes of attaining more westernized appearances. Each year, as many as 200,000 women (and men) ask cosmetic surgeons to make their noses smaller and shift the tip upwards. The country currently has the world’s highest rate of nose surgery.

While some Iranians welcome cosmetic surgery as a benefit of science, others see it as rebellion against the country’s rule of that women have to wear a hijab, a veil that covers their heads and leaves only their faces visible.

As far as the personal cost is concerned, the stats are staggering: according to the Guardian, the average cost of a nose job in Iran ranges between $1,400 and $2,865, while the average worker makes only about $360 a month. Some may consider the price tag chump change for a lifetime of increased self-confidence (is that how that works?), but there are other costs to weigh. Some Iranians have reported complications with their new noses, citing losing their sense of smell and respiratory problems, among others.

The increase in demand has also tempted many unlicensed surgeons to try their hands. Only 175 surgeons are licensed in Iran’s capital of Tehran, but there are about 7,000 surgeons working, which means that women and men looking for a cheap deal could really end up paying through the nose.


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