Beauty School: Handy Skincare Swaps That Will Help You Save Face

“Is it ever okay to use hand lotion as face moisturizer? Do you have any recommendations for what to do if I run out of a specific product and don’t have time to buy more?”

We’ve all been there – something has run out and you need a substitute quickly. Before reaching for another product in your kit, it’s important to know what type of skin you have, so you can avoid a problem before it starts.

Here are a few fast facts:

Normal Skin may –
• Feel soft and supple with even tone and no enlarged pores
• Rarely or never suffer from breakouts
• Never react adversely to skincare products or cosmetics

Oily Skin may –
• Look shiny and feel greasy, even after washing
• Have visible open pores
• Be prone to breakouts and blackheads

Sensitive Skin may –
• Feel itchy or bumpy and look flaky or red
• Flare up when you use products containing allergens such as fragrance or lanolin
• Burn easily in the sun

Dry Skin may –
• Look flaky and dull and feel tight, especially after washing
• Show signs of aging such as fine lines
• Have a crepey appearance, especially around the eye area

If you have anything but normal skin, I would advise against using a hand cream if at all possible. A good alternate, a tinted moisturizer or primer, which will help to restore some of the moisture temporarily. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and also stick to cream eyeshadows and blushes until you have replaced your face moisturizer as they will be less likely to show flakey patches.

A few more at-home remedies I love:
• No bubble bath? Take a milk bath – the lactic acid helps to soften skin and it’s incredibly luxurious.
• Left your exfoliator at home? Combine a gentle grain like oatmeal or sugar with olive oil and scrub away. At the beach? Even better! Head into the salt water which acts as a natural exfoliant.
• No makeup remover? Olive oil works wonders.
• Acne flare up? Tea-tree essential oil on a Q-tip will help to dry the breakout

Jemma Kidd is a world-renowned makeup artist who has painted the faces of Naomi Campbell and Jerry Hall, and now she’s here to solve all of your beauty dilemmas. Not only does she have two makeup lines of her own — Jemma Kidd Make Up School and JK Jemma Kidd — she’s also worked with Max Factor, Rimmel, and Stila. Yes, she’s a total beauty guru. Have a question for Jemma? Email it to!

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