Beauty School: How To Hide A Hangover

Say hello to Jemma Kidd, Styleite’s newest contributor. The world-renowned makeup artist has painted the faces of Naomi Campbell and Jerry Hall, and now she’s here to solve all of your beauty dilemmas. Not only does she have two makeup lines of her own — Jemma Kidd Make Up School and JK Jemma Kidd — she’s also worked with Max Factor, Rimmel, and Stila. Yes, she’s a total beauty guru. Have a question for Jemma? Email it to!

How can I hide a hangover? Blotchy skin, puffy eyes — I don’t need everyone (especially my boss!) to know how awful I feel.

Yes, after a big night of partying there is nothing worse than waking up to realize you look as dreadful as you feel! Fortunately, there are a few tricks and tips to disguise the telltale signs of a hangover, helping you fake your way through the morning.

First thing’s first — although tempting, no matter how late it is when you come in, be sure to remove your makeup completely and top with a night moisturizer to help rehydrate while you sleep. Another tip is to sleep with an extra pillow. The additional height will help to promote lymphatic drainage and prevent fluid from accumulating (which leaves you looking puffy in the morning!).

When you wake up, spend some time rehydrating. One of alcohol’s worst effects is dehydration, making you feel terrible and creating a dry, puffy, or sallow look to your skin. Try to drink at least two liters of water over the course of the day, and be sure to coat your face with a heavy moisturizer before applying any makeup. If your eyes are puffy, use a cold teabag, slice of cucumber, or ice wrapped in a cloth, and apply for 15 minutes to help reduce swelling.

Start off simple: nothing is as much of a giveaway as caked on makeup. Because skin may be dry, avoid powders as they will sit in creases and draw attention to the fine lines and flaky patches. Instead opt for a light moisturizing liquid foundation, cream blushes, and other oil-based products. If possible, try to select products that have light-reflecting particles to add a luminous quality to the skin and even out the skin tone.

Apply a color corrector. Green will neutralize any unwanted redness (as often skin can appear blotchy), and yellow will mask any unwanted blue undertones, often found around the eye area. Follow with a touch of concealer to the outer corner of the eyelids and to the inner corner of the eye to neutralize any redness. Try and use a pink or peach-based concealer as that will help brighten the eye area. If needed, you may want to use a thin layer of concealer or eye primer over the eyelid to provide a neutral base for your shadow.

For the shadow, a neutral palette of brown, taupe, beige, peach, or soft pink will be most flattering. Blending is key here. Stay away from plum, purple, or gray shadows — you’ll look like you have black eyes! Be sure to curl the lashes before applying mascara, a trick that makes you look instantly more awake. To finish, sweep a natural peach or apricot across your cheeks or add a touch of cheek and lip stain. A bee-stung pout and a pinched cheek effect will give you a faux fresh-faced appearance that will last through the day.

Jemma Kidd is a UK-based makeup artist with two cosmetics lines of her own. You can buy her products here and here.

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