Justin Bieber Designs Glittery Nail Polish Collection

For a seemingly innocuous product, nail polish sure does stir up its fair share of controversy. First there was the whole Jizz thing, and then Rodarte‘s MAC snafu. Lindsay Lohan even used her nails to send out a subtle “Fuck U” message. But you know who’s here to bring the fun back to nail color? JUSTIN. BIEBER.

After watching Biebs perform at the VMAs we were like, “Ohhhh, we get it.” We caught a bit of Bieber Fever, if you will. Can you deny “Baby“? No, you can’t. Because that song is one the greatest pop confections of all time (well, of the year, at least). But does that mean we’ll wear Bieber’s new line of nail polish? Probably not.

The “One Less Lonely Girl” collection is the product of a collaboration between Bieber and Nicole (OPI’s cheesy younger sister). The first six shades will be sold exclusively at Walmart during the holidays, while eight more will be rolled out in January. Don’t live near a Walmart (although we’re pretty sure that’s impossible)? Have no fear! The polish will be sold at Target, Sears and Ulta come February.

On the whole, the line is bit glittery for our taste, but we imagine that screaming teenyboppers will feel differently.

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