WATCH: Justin Bieber’s Perfume Commercial Is A Joke, Right?

First came Justin Bieber‘s nail polish, then came his lady perfume. Now the lady perfume has a commercial, and it’s a doozy.

Before we tear into Bieber’s latest assault on the beauty industry, we must admit we are huge Beliebers here at Styleite. Like, have you listened to “Baby” or any of the other tracks on My World and/or My World 2.0? Have you seen Never Say Never? Did you watch him perform at the VMAs? We’re not sure if his schtick is a guilty pleasure or straight-up pop perfection, but we do in fact enjoy him quite a bit.


Discussion points:

• Justin’s love interest looks both way older and way bigger than he is. Is he crushing on his babysitter?
• They fly on Peter Pan wires! They fly on Peter Pan wires!
• The lighting, the wind, the clouds, the playful air wrestling.
• When their feet hit the ground, he is wearing his signature purple high-tops, she is barefoot.
• Ew ew the “kisses” ew.
• Screw this vaguely orchestral crap. Why didn’t they use an original Bieber tune? “Up” would have been way more appropriate.

So, yeah, we have some thoughts. Watch below, and tell us if you agree!

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